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Metal Structures

Metal Structures

The increasing size of kiosks and the need to adapt structures to new earthquake regulations mean the design department has expanded to carry out static calculations for structures and their adaptation to these new requirements. This has allowed Asteco to specialise in the creation of light, medium and heavy metal structures, such as warehouses, roofing, tensile structures, bearing structures, intermediate floors, canopies and shelters, prefabricated modules for industrial, commercial, workshop, residential and agricultural use.

Our personnel and two due production centres guarantee an executive capacity in complex constructions such as raising a number of floors in a hotel.

Thanks to our array of cutting/edge precision machinery, we can build metal structures of every shape and size, structures that are made-to-measure from the design stage, in full respect of the client’s needs, focusing on quality and innovation in the choice of constructive solutions and finishings.

Thanks to attentive and constant market research and innovation, Asteco Industria has, over a few years, expanded and diversified its range of products, offering personalised solutions of every sort, anticipating the needs of a market that is increasingly attentive to quality of life and respect for the environment.

At the moment, it is engaged in commissions for important companies in different fields and productive sectors, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the specialisation, acquired over the years, in creating made-to-measure metal modular structures for buildings.

Metal structures, light, medium, heavy and combined structural work; industrial and commercial warehousing; structures for shopping malls, hotels and car dealerships; structures for storerooms, garages and plant housing; roofing, tensile structures and bearing structures; intermediate floors, canopies and shelters; prefabricated modules for industrial, commercial, and residential use; civil living modules (also fully furnished); modules for offices, building sites, storage, toilets and containers; dehors and gazebos suitable for use as bars and restaurants; hotel foyers.

Holiday Inn, Riviera Costa Brava, Volkswagen showroom, Porsche showroom, Audi showroom, IGP DECAUX, NAPLES Public Transport Consortium.

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