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Tourist Information Points

Tourist Information Points

Italy is dotted with public offices, set up to provide data and information of general, tourist and cultural interest. These office are known as Punti di Informazione Turistica (PIT – Tourist Information Points) and carry out the wish of councils to offer innovative but, above all, useful services to encourage tourism. Specifically, the function of the P.I.T. is that of answering the needs of tourists and helping them during their stay, by providing them with promotional and information materials, allowing the acquisition of products of interest to tourists, such as tourist cards, tickets for tours and other correlated activities, extracting news from council data banks with a view to communicating efficiently all the initiatives that are taking place in the council’s area.

It is on these premises that Asteco Industria’s information kiosks are born, built according to a detailed planning process that satisfies both perfect architectonic insertion (the context where the kiosk is placed) and the improved usability of the product on the part of those who turn to it. Every tiny detail is carefully analysed and integrated to represent fully the technological state-of-the-art and at the same time guarantee maximum interactivity, usability and durability over time.

If it is relatively simple to set up a kiosk, it is not so certain that working installations will be found after a few months’ service. The added value of Asteco’s service is to be found here. From the competence and seriousness of a company that offers complete service throughout Italy where every model (certificated and guaranteed in line with the most rigid international norms) is personalised on the basis of the specific needs of councils: shape, dimensions, colours, materials, logos, serigraphy, accessories, position... nothing is left to chance.

Roma City Council PIT, Rome Zetema PIT, Cagliari City Council PIT, Civitavecchia Town Council PIT, Montana dei Monti Ausoni Town Council PIT, Orsara Bormida (AL) PIT, Marina di Stabia PIT.

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