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Prefabricated Living Modules

Prefabricated Living Modules

Asteco presents “LIFE”, the innovative prefabricated living modules. Very low energy consumption earthquake-proof structures with all mod cons.

The strength of our experience, the development of new knowledge and close attention to the requirements of the market have led us to create prefabricated structures capable of housing the most varied industrial and commercial activities, as well as for residential use (e.g. prefabricated house). Our undertaking to match the best technical choices with the most appropriate architectures has led us to focus on unique details, a mix of advanced research and style, sobriety and energy saving. With these presuppositions we have developed prefabricated structures where it is possible not just to spend a part of the day but to live in total comfort. Real houses, conceived to guarantee the living standard of normal dwellings.

Our prefabricated “LIFE” living modules are complete products, equipped with total insulation, electrical plant (certificate CEI, DM 37/08), water plant (supply and disposal of water), and gas plant (ready for connection to the gas network), and all the indispensable comforts, all located within the structural walls. Thanks to the new technologies at our disposal, “LIFE” prefabs fully satisfy the latest earthquake regulations. Their structure is fitted with anti-vibration stabilising supports capable of responding to the earthquake’s acceleration curve (static and anti-seismic certificates).

The living modules have been conceived to satisfy any need for space and dimensions from a minimum of 30 square metres up to a maximum of 145 square metres. They can be built on more than one level with independent apartments and it is possible to personalise them in line with the surrounding architectonic and landscape characteristics. What makes our prefabricated structures distinct is their capacity to be modelled to the needs of the user with particular attention being paid to energy saving.

Our prefabricated “LIFE” living modules can be transported and installed easily and quickly anywhere. Thanks to the means at our disposal, we are able to serve all of Italy and abroad. The characteristics of our modules allow us to set them up and locate without the need for any form of anchoring, thus ensuring they can be moved at some future point.

Asteco’s aim is complete client satisfaction through three principles:

  1. Quality.
    The best materials and maximum attention to internal and external finishings. Attention to the environment and territorial impact;
  2. Functionality.
    Exploiting and optimising all available space;
  3. Comfort.
    Products are designed to improve the quality of life, with air-conditioning, insulation and personalised finishings such as fixed floors and coverings.

Our prefabricated “LIFE” living modules are composed of a principle structure in supporting beams of steel and galvanised sheet iron, collaborating sheet for floors and related casting in cement, external walls in corrugated sheet and cement-solution plasters and regular painting for external and internal walls covered with REI plasterboard. The roofing is in laminated wood beams treated for outside use, with superimposed layered panelling and bituminous protective covering to guarantee insulation and impermeability. These elements ensure the LIFE modules- durability over time, the inalterability of their materials and their resistance to atmospheric agents and earthquakes.

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