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Newspaper Stands

Newspaper Stands

The newspaper-stand sector represents the company’s keystone, without a shadow of a doubt, contributing to the affirmation of our absolute leadership in designing, constructing, installing and maintaining newspaper stands of every shape and size.

Every one of our newspaper stands is a unique original project, the fruit of a cutting-edge technical office and very close collaboration with the most important architects and designers. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we are able to propose the appropriate type of solution to suit all requirements.

Our output, from the simplest to the most complex model, is characterised by the high quality of the materials used and excellent finishing; these truly are shops with all mod cons that can be subdivided into dedicated sections and come with ample display areas.

Asteco newspaper stands are born from a profound knowledge of the job of the newspaper vendor and their needs and from research into how to improve the quality of their work. The kiosks are conceived in every detail following a precise design path:

Asteco newspaper stands are designed in such a way as to ensure their location is harmonious and functional in the urban context where they are installed. To achieve these results, the Asteco offices are in constant contact with councils and superintendents in such a way as to offer solutions that are perfectly in keeping with the various norms in force.

A newspaper stand is a work tool and an important investment that has to be durable over time. For this reason, our newspaper stands are only made using the best materials and paying the maximum attention to detail (not for nothing do our newspaper stands maintain a high commercial value even after many years).

A general image of order and organisation are essential elements for a newspaper stand, adding value to the activity. For this reason all our newspaper stands are designed and fitted out to exploit to the maximum the available spaces, thus ensuring the maximum display area. These elements come together, without a doubt, to improve the service offered and encourage clients to return.

The newspaper stand is a work tool and, at the same time, a place where the newsagent spends a large part of their time. For this reason, the time they spend there has to be comfortable, and the newspaper stand has to be provided with all the comforts and accessories necessary to improve quality of life. These are not merely aesthetic elements, but particulars and accessories that have been researched to improve the newspaper stand and render it increasingly responsive to the needs of the client.

Our philosophy of work can be summed up as offering a high-quality product in every way. For this reason, we provide a detailed consultation for our clients, pointing them towards the most appropriate choices, in particular:

  • Feasibility studies with three-dimensional images and realistic photos of the newspaper stand’s insertion in the urban context before construction. The client can, therefore, see their newspaper stand in every detail before starting production.
  • Technical design office specialised in the construction of made-to-measure newspaper stands, equipped with the most modern IT (C.A.D. and 3D software). The client can, therefore, evaluate the project in detail and examine the functional and explanatory study.
  • Consultancy for emission of the various permits required, in line with the norms for kiosk installation and occupation on public ground or council property.
  • Consultancy and creation of the most appropriate solution for the internal made-to-measure fittings, including all the accessories necessary for the newspaper stand (fixed and mobile displays, windows, drawers, W.C., counters, air-conditioning, etc) and related technical assistance.
  • Static calculations for the Civil Engineering Office, certificate of production following CEI standards, electrical plant in line with CEI norms.
  • Instruction manual for the everyday maintenance of the kiosk and updates of the legal requirements in the sector.

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