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Flower Stalls

Flower Stalls

Asteco designs and builds flower stalls by placing the person who works there at the centre of attention. For this reason, we are able to offer extremely versatile solutions that are the fruit of planning that takes into account the needs of every single user, building the flower stall as though it were a made-to-measure suit. Our vast experience in the kiosk sector allows us to create solutions that are beautiful and functional and, at the same time, thought out in every detail.

Particular care is paid to the planning of the display system (known as “pyramid”) in rustproof steel or plastic, so as to provide the best visibility possible to the flowers and plants. Our flower stalls are built with all that is necessary for their specific purpose. In particular, they can be fitted out with aluminium stands with athermic glass that can be opened on all sides, a special illumination system to highlight the qualities and colours of the plants, apposite hydraulic plant for continuous-cycle automatic irrigation, internal air-conditioning to maintain a constant temperature all year, a fridge, electric shutters and blinds.

We provide lower stalls from the simplest to the most complex models, bearing in mind the basic criteria of Asteco Industria: functionality, adaptability, durability over time. Not for nothing do they maintain a high commercial value even after many years.

Our philosophy, apart from offering a quality product, consists in providing a detailed consultation for our clients, pointing them towards the most appropriate choices. For this reason, we provide appropriate support for all their needs, in particular:

  • Feasibility studies with three-dimensional images and realistic photos of the stall’s insertion in the urban context before construction. The client can, therefore, see their newspaper stand in every detail before starting production.
  • Technical design office specialised in the construction of made-to-measure stalls, equipped with the most modern IT (C.A.D. and 3D software). The client can, therefore, evaluate the project in detail and examine the functional and explanatory study of their flower stall.
  • Consultancy for emission of the various permits required, in line with the norms for kiosk installation and occupation on public ground or council property.
  • Consultancy and creation of the most appropriate solution for the internal made-to-measure fittings, including all the accessories necessary for the flower seller (athermic glass that can be opened on all sides, a special illumination system, hydraulic plant for continuous-cycle irrigation, internal air-conditioning, a fridge, electric shutters and blinds etc.).
  • Static calculations for the Civil Engineering Office, certificate of production following CEI standards, electrical plant in line with CEI norms.
  • Instruction manual for the everyday maintenance of the kiosk and updates of the legal requirements in the sector.
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