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Street furniture

Street furniture

Street furniture represents a fundamental sector for our business; over the years, Asteco Industria has created structures for a very diverse range of uses and purposes that constitute perfect examples of insertion into the urban context of Italian cities.

From this point of view, our output, in agreement with local councils, seeks to contribute to the development of public spaces. We design infrastructures that, in step with urban planning, confer identity on historic city centres and suburbs, creating and reorganising spaces, avenues, piazzas and walkways in such a way that they can become the driving force behind urban decor and for a better quality of life.

To achieve these results, Asteco Industria’s technical offices are in constant contact with municipal architects and superintendents so as to ensure the highest possible level of collaboration and integration of our products in the urban context.

Metal shelters for bus stops, ticket kiosks, tourist information kiosks, gazebos for public and private parks, structures for markets, verandas for restaurants, kiosk bars, are some examples of our creations furnishing cities.

From the historic centres of Milan and Rome, from the piazzas of Florence to the Faraglioni of Capri, almost all Italian street furniture has been enriched by our creations.

Each of our products stems from a detailed planning process that satisfies the needs of the users and the tastes of the clients, guaranteeing the maximum durability over time and perfect architectonic integration (in conformity with the current planning requirements of the various councils).

Metal shelters for bus stops, ticket kiosks, information kiosks, gazebos for public and private parks, structures for markets, verandas for restaurants, rubbish bins, roofing, speed bumps, barriers, display stands, flower boxes, fountains, benches, shelters, bicycle parkers, plant protection, urban illumination, fencing and gates.

Rome City Council, Milan City Council, Florence City Council, Naples City Council, Padua City Council, Mediocredito Centrale, Varese Court House, C.T.P. (Naples Public Transport Consortium), Fiumicino Town Council, Ministry for Cultural Heritage – Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Ostia Antica.

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