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Internal furnishing

Internal furnishing

The design of kiosks has given us great experience in the management of space. This experience is applied today in the creation of furnishings for newspaper shops, bar kiosks, bookshops and the sale of mixed goods (bookshops, stationer’s, tobacconist’s, gift shops, video shops, etc.). A complete production that bears in mind the specific requirements of those who work in shops.

Beautiful and functional furnishing capable of making the space pleasant while allowing the maximum display surface. The exploitation of space is Arredi Asteco’s strong point: we constantly seek to transform problematic situations into good opportunities.

Employing the idea of our designers and paying great attention to those who will use our products, we create solutions that represent the synthesis between careful design, functionality and reduced costs, without ever compromising on quality. All Arredi Asteco are the result of made-to-measure projects and involve, above all, a study of the available space. On the basis of this space, our designers propose the best solution. The result is that of offering intelligent instruments for work, that are beautiful as well as functional, making the best use of available space.

Specialists in various materials operate in the furnishings sector: from aluminium to wood to glass. The perfect combination of these elements with made-to-measure design leads to the creation of the ideal solution for every need.

The great experience we have gained in dealing with the display of newspapers and magazines allows us to identify the most efficient solutions for every type of display wall. From bookshops to stationer’s to tobacconist’s to video shops, each of these activities sees a constant increase in the type of products they display. For this reason, Asteco offers specific solutions to organise and make the most of products, allowing the predisposition of dedicated areas of the shop. Videocassettes, CD-ROMs, paperbacks, magazines, to give just a few examples, for each of these products, Asteco has designed an original display system that increases the available space and keeps the shop perfectly tidy.

Among our leading solutions, Asteco proposes wood furnishings, ideal for creating warm and welcoming atmospheres. Crafted solutions of high quality suitable for both the internal fittings of a shop as well as the window displays. Particular attention is paid to the display walls and sales counters which are designed in the most appropriate shapes and sizes in order to fit harmoniously into the context of the shop.

Furnishing solutions based on iron structures allow a great exploitation of the element of colour and in general a perfect coordination of the various fittings. Among our principal creations are furnishings in a wide chromatic variety with solutions that play on very lively colours, thus allowing the achievement of great results in terms of attention and visual impact.

Newspaper stand furnishings, flowers stalls and bars; complete solutions to furnishing bookshops, stationer’s, tobacconist’s, gift shops, video shops, lottery vendors; creation of displays, counters and drawers. .

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