About Asteco Industria


Asteco Industria, founded in 1990 by Massimo Tabacchiera, is the market leader in the production of prefabricated metal structures. It designs, builds and installs kiosks and structures for street furniture of every type and shape.

Born from the great experience of the Gruppo Tabacchiera that had been operating in the sector since 1925, it is present in over 200 cities and towns with the widest range of products, famed for their innovation, design and quality.

Thanks to our ultramodern structure, we are a cutting-edge company born to respond in an ever more efficient way to the evolution of the market through products specifically planned to meet the needs of the client.

Asteco Industria operates in a plant of 10,000 square metres, subdivided into different production departments, within which 90 employees work including designers, production technicians, office staff, sales team and specialist workers: a company that produces on average between 250 and 300 structures a year, destined for all over Italy and abroad.

With the aim of obtaining maximum quality and attention to detail, every stage of production takes place within the Asteco company. From design to construction, from transport to installation. to offer a unique product that will last over time.

Our Philosophy


The philosophy of Asteco Industria is aimed at the complete satisfaction of the client, through the creation of products, that are marked out by the functionality, comfort and the quality of their material.

Our designers work with the help of advanced technologies and software: in this way ideas lead to the model and then to the finished product in a path that unites creativity with technique, attention to the aesthetic and imagination to a rigorous planning path.

The result is that of offering carefully thought-out instruments for work that are designed carefully and accurately bearing in mind the client's needs.

The story


It was in 1925 when the head of the family, Attilio Tabacchiera, an artisan endowed with a particular ability in metalwork, began building his first metal and glass kiosks for the sale of newspapers.

In 1950 his son, the engineer Alfredo Tabacchiera, started designing newspaper stands, paying particular attention to functionality, but, above all, to the hygienic conditions that were by then inadequate in the old structures. Alfredo Tabacchiera created his first works in Florence and Milan, obtaining such success that the Corriere della Sera commissioned ten stands for Milan's most important sales points.

This is where the boom in Tabacchiera products began that led, in 1958, to the birth of the "Officine Tabacchiera" (workshops). The difficulty in sourcing sheet metal cut to the required sizes for production, led Alfredo Tabacchiera in 1964 to found "Romana Lamiere" (sheet metal). The experience of Romana Lamiere and the Officine Tabacchiera led, in1990, with Massimo Tabacchiera, to the birth of Asteco Industria.

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